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So, im super pissed today.

My stepsister got married in March to this guy.  Nice enough guy, not my cup of tea, but whatevs.  He seemed to really be all about her and wanted to have a nice life with her.  She married him for “self preservation” .  Thats the PC term for it anyway.  In my words, she was using him for money and a place to stay. 

So, a whole 6 months later, she gets in a fight with him and gets her out.  Where does she go?  My dad’s house!!

I’m my dad’s only child, biologically.

She is not blood related, and she’s almost 20 years older than me.

1 + 1 = Horseshit

Seriously, this is the same dad that told me he couldn’t afford to buy his own grandson a birthday gift (when he was more than financially secure, mind you)  but he can take in a grown ass woman, buy her smokes and beer, and let her live in MY old bedroom for FREE???

I seriously want to scream and hit someone… HARD!

I knew I should have dropped out of high school and became an alcoholic. I would have had it made!

This is bullshit, seriously.



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